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Photographs of high quality digital products are crucial to capture the interest of potential customers. First impressions count and having the right image will result in an increase in sales by creating a good impression of your business. If your company has products and thought of them appear in the catalogs or sell them online, then you need quality photos.  The products can be photographed on a plain white background or a customized background according to your needs. 


Business or commercial photography session is different and it is difficult to provide a generic estimate that covers all situations. As such, if you are in need of a product photography, Please email us your requirement in detail we will send you an accurate estimate specific to your project We can provide FREE QUOTE but really depends upon  the factors given below :

  • The size and weight of the item(s) to be photographed, the number of products to be photographed, and the number of images per product.
  • HOurly Bases as per time spent on location.
  • The complexity of lighting set up and the number of products that can be shot using the same dedicated lighting.
  • The complexity of the composition, and whether or not props & models are required.
  • Any digital post-processing requirements you may need for your final presentation.
  • And resolution required for your project.


There are 3 pricing options for you to choose from:

1. Day Rate - If it's for your catalog and website, this may be the more cost-effective option. Again, the exact pricing would highly depend on the complexity of lighting set-up and presentation requirements.

2. Per Shot Rate – Price would depend on factors such as how many products need to be shot, how many images are required of each of them, as well as how these images are to be used (ie. larger images for magazine front page vs. simpler, small images for website catalog).

3. Budget Option - To supply simple jpeg images solely for website use, where multiple single items are photographed in a similar manner on a plain white, grey or black background.

Location Photography, Staged Product Photography with props and all other types of photography are priced by the project.

Please note:  Any products with highly reflective surfaces such as jewelry, or other clear products such as glass products require special lighting techniques and may often take significantly more time to shoot than regular products. This may affect their pricing.

 For pricing, availability or for more information about the product and commercial photography please contact our office or email us at

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